Goat Farmer Records focuses on producing and digitally distributing music for bands from the southern United States. The impetus for starting this label was the steady decline in the music industry and the impression that business as usual wasn’t going to cut it. Innovation is required in the industry if it is to thrive in the new and rapidly changing environment that it finds itself in. Goat Farmer Records is that innovation. 

Our goals are simple and straightforward. We will produce, promote, and distribute a limited number of EPs across a number of genres. The simplicity is of necessity but also of analytical and strategic value. The long-term goals of Goat Farmer Records are to help turn around the decline in the recording industry by leading the way with a business model for the 21st century, and draw global attention to the rich and diverse culture of music in the southern United States.

The model of Goat Farmer Records is designed to address a number of flaws in the status quo of the industry. We believe in: a 50/50 recording contract; a cost structure that eliminates a huge amount of overhead; a shift of significant marketing and promotion responsibility from the label to the artist.

What this means for you as the artist: no obligation to pay back recording costs, faster payment from sales, and you do what you do best – play shows and promote the music.

What we do for you: high quality recording, mixing and mastering, distribution of your album through iTunes and other digital download services and matched costs for CD pressing.

This provides a relationship of camaraderie and shared purpose with the artist in furthering the goals of both the artist and the label.

Goat Farmer Records has established a number of relationships to enhance our ability to fulfill the needs of our artists. We are a co-founder of Cat Haus Recording in Nashville, TN, where we track and mix all of our albums in a home-based, professional setting. We use TuneCore as our distributor, through which we make your music available on iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, and other sources. We also work with a trusted mastering facility, Saff Mastering in Chicago, to ensure quality, professional mastering of your work.

GFR logo, vinyl record with bite out of it and Goat Farmer Records text